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PBFAA “Virtual” Annual Membership Meeting

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With ongoing restrictions on meetings and number of attendees, the PBFAA is hosting the 2020 Annual Membership Meeting “virtually”. The Annual Meeting will provide members with information on industry news, upcoming regional and state events, annual election results and presentations designed to aid your business.

Guest Speakers

Kirk MacDowell; MacGuard Security Advisors Inc.

“The State of your Company from an industry expert Consultant’s Perspective”

Industry experts continue to speak to the “State of the Industry” which is good to know. This session will go beyond the “state” and focus on how these changes could “impact” your company.

At the conclusion of this session, you’ll be in a better place to position your company for growth and seize the opportunities that are changing our industry.

We’ll review case studies of how fellow alarm dealers and integrators are positioning their companies to outpace the competition.

Stan Martin; SIAC Executive Director

“Sandy Springs Update” – SIAC Efforts Nationwide

The Sandy Spring case raises a potential concern for all businesses.  This case raises an issue that potentially could impact numerous businesses. The ruling makes it far too easy for a government entity to hold a business responsible for the actions of its customers even if the business does not have a responsible relationship with the customer’s conduct.

SIAC continues working closely with law enforcement agencies throughout the country to promote the model ordinance it helped create in partnership with leaders in the law enforcement community. When you consider that the cost of fighting a single bad ordinance can easily run into the six figures, supporting SIAC’s work at the local and national level remains a wise investment.


Date And Time

2020-10-27 @ 01:00 PM to
03:00 PM


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