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With the residential market leaning away from the traditional security sales model…

Security dealers are turning towards the Builder space for growth. MacGuard finds that many dealers are entering this segment of the market unaware, unprepared, and losing money. Even experienced dealers in the space may need to pause and re-evaluate their program to ensure it’s working effectively. Bill can help.

Top 3 questions security dealers should consider:

Who is the right Builder partner for me?

What is my value proposition?

How can I set my program up to ensure success?

Formerly of Guardian Protection, Bill Graham was responsible for overseeing the development of Guardian’s Builder Division, spearheading the creation and expansion of its Builder Program to the largest full-service integrator in the country, with over 50,000 rooftops by 2007.

Bill Graham
“As a non-product or service affiliated company, it’s in the best interest of our clients to have the best program that will capture additional rooftops.”

Not all programs are built alike. Not all builders are built alike.

Let us help you research the best one for you. We will even help you negotiate with builders and manufacturers!

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